1. Accomplished Ballet Dancers at Our Austin Dance Academy Make Their Graceful Moves Look Easy

    Whether they are leaping, twirling or gliding, accomplished ballet dancers at our Austin dance academy make their graceful moves look easy. When our little dancers perform, you might wonder just how difficult some of those moves are. But you probably don't focus on just one turn or twirl, you are just amazed by the magic of it all and not stuck on the details. It is in the details, the basic balle…Read More

  2. Kids Take Dance Classes in Austin Because Dancing is Fun

    Why do people dance? What is it about moving your body to a song or other music that we love so much? We seem to be a nation, if not a world, that holds an obsession with dancing. We watch dancing in videos, we obsess over our reflection in the living room window while busting out a few moves and it makes us smile because dancing makes us happy. There are other obvious reasons why we dance, some…Read More

  3. We Offer Austin Parents Hip-Hop Dancing Lessons at Our Dance Studios

    Many parents in Austin find themselves in a very common predicament in the summer when they have very high-energy kids; what extracurricular activities are available to help them release their energy. Fortunately for you, and your children as well, we offer Austin parents hip-hop dancing lessons at our dance studios. Kid's hip-hop classes can benefit a child of any age in many ways, here are a few…Read More

  4. Benefits of Dance Classes in Austin

    Dance classes are a fun and exciting way for children to stay fit and active. Dance classes also improve flexibility and range of motion. But aside from the physical benefits your Austin dance studio provides, there are other reasons to consider dance classes for your children. Dance lessons promote creativity and help children develop an appreciation for the arts. Dancing is also a form of self-e…Read More