Kids Take Dance Classes in Austin Because Dancing is Fun

Why do people dance? What is it about moving your body to a song or other music that we love so much? We seem to be a nation, if not a world, that holds an obsession with dancing. We watch dancing in videos, we obsess over our reflection in the living room window while busting out a few moves and it makes us smile because dancing makes us happy.

There are other obvious reasons why we dance, some do it to stay fit, some dance for mental clarity and other dance for emotional stability. But children, kids take dance classes in Austin because dancing is fun.

But let’s face it, all the benefits we just mentioned can be attained through other means. Why not go shopping? After all, shopping makes people happy and a good deal gets the heart racing. There just must be something more to dancing that makes us want to do it.


Perhaps we dance because sometimes words are an inefficient way to express ourselves. We dance when we discover new-found love, we dance when we desire peace, we dance even when there is great sorrow in our hearts. When we are young, we dance with a fevered passion, when we are old, we dance with a soft grace. We will dance until we die. Or as Marc Bolan of T. Rex so eloquently put it in his song Cosmic Dancer; “I danced myself right out of the womb, I danced myself into the tomb.”

Maybe dance is the medium through which we show others who we truly are. If you are honest about yourself, you will admit that you are not ordinary, you are special, very special. And since you are wonderfully unique, all of us are, dancing is the only way we could ever hope to show the layers of personality that are woven into our very being. There is no possible way anybody on this earth can have the same make-up as you and you know this. You know it. So you prove it through your dance.

Why do we dance? Every answer will be different, and that is just fine.