Words can not describe how grateful we are

"Words can not describe how grateful we are"

We are very grateful for everything you have done for Fiona. Fiona loves Ms. Jessica. Your love for dance, teaching, and the children has nourished Fiona\\\’s passion for dance. You taught my little dancer that dancing is fun and hard work. You taught her that practice makes perfect. And, the girls hard work always payed off at the recitals. \r\nBeing the youngest student in class made Fiona feel insecure at times but then there was Ms. Jessica with her big and loving hugs telling my little angel that she had her teachers and classmates full support. That, if she tried her best she could be the best. That\\\’s what I saw in your eyes when you looked at each and every one of your girls, that everyone of them is special and completely capable of being a great dancer. \r\n \r\nWords can not describe how grateful we are for all that you have taught our daughter. Please keep up the great work. The girls need you.”

Fiona and Juliet