Releve Special Needs Group

Releve Special Needs Group

  • September- May Classes only.

    Wild Basin Fitness

    4308 N Quinlan Park Austin Tx

    Releve Dance Team Special Needs Dancers ages 6 and up

    “Releve” is a ballet term meaning, to raise or lift up. Lifting up is exactly the feeling you have when you are watching these amazing people dance and show their love of dance.

    All are welcome over the age of 6 to dance to fun music, while learning motor skills and strengthening our muscles. Most important skill we can teach our Releve Dancers is that at Tap N Toe dance practices we are 100% accepting, patient, loving and FUN!!!

    Releve dancers should wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. Female dancers are welcome to wear any dance attire if they desire. Ballet and tap shoes are always fun to have but not necessary for class.

    The Tap N Toe Releve Dancers perform on stage at our Winter and Spring Recitals.

    Tuitioin is $45.00 due at the beginning of each month. Tuition remains constant, even in months with holidays.