Where: Ballet Austin 501 West Third St. 78701

When: Sunday May 12th- Mothers Day


Show 1

Earliest Arrival 2:00

Show Starts 2:30

These classes will perform in Show 1    (2:30 pm May 12th)

Thursday 5:00 River Place
Thursday 4:30 Hip Hop
Wed. 330 Bella Mar
Wed. 430 Bella Mar
Wed. 530 Bella Mar
Fri 915am Town Square
Fri 1000am Town Square
Sat. 1245am Wild Basin
Daddy Daughter


Show 2

Earliest Arrival 4:00

Show Starts 4:30

These classes will perform in Show 2    (4:30 pm May 12th)

Mon 330 Wild Basin
Mon 530 Wild Basin
Tues 400 Wild Basin
Wed 330 Hip Hop Wild Basin
Wed 430 Jazz Wild Basin
Thurs 530 Wild Basin Fitness
Saturday 1200 Wild Basin Fitness
Tuesday 500 Wild Basin Fitness
Daddy Daughter


YOUR DAUGHTER WILL ONLY DANCE IN ONE SHOW!! Each show is 1 hour max.  Daddy/Daughters perform in Both Shows.


See list below to see class tight color and how the class team should wear their hair if possible.   Classes listed below by teacher

T= Tights Color        H=Hair      Tights can be ordered online right here! Please choose “Recital Tights” from the class list


MRS. LISA- Monday 530- Releve- Show 2- “Never Gonna Let You Down” (Colbie Caillat)



Monday 330- Show 2- “Butterflies”-     T-carmel H_ 1/2 up half down


Tuesday 400- Show 2- “Fantasia”        T-pink   H- Bun


Tuesday 500- Show 2- “Magic Tutu”   T-pink H-bun


Wednesday 330- Show 1- “Now We’re Gonna Shine”  T-Pink H-pony


Wednesday 430- Show 1-” Magic Tutu”   T- pink H- bun


Wednesday 530-Show 1- “Butterflies”   T-Carmel H-1/2 up half down


Thursday 500- Show 1- “Pretty Ballerina”   T-pink  H-bun


Friday 915-Show 1- “Cuddle Bug Boogie”  T-Carmel  H-pony


Friday 1000- Show 1- “Lollipop”  T-tights   C-1/2 up half down


Wednesday 330- Show 2- “Somebody to Love”  T-carmel  H-pony


Wednesday 430 JAZZ- Show 2- “Rockstar”   T-carmel  H-pony


Thursday 430- Show 1- “Somebody to Love”   T-carmel  H-pony


Thursday 530- Show 2- “Butterfly”   T-pink  H- bun


Saturday 12:00- Show 2-“Butterfly” T-pink  H- bun


Recital Cost: $140.00 one child/ two children $210.00 due Oct.5th. – credit cards on file will be charged automatically Feb. 1st- Dance performances are always optional. If you DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST EMAIL Tap N Toe. 
Recital cost includes: costume, unlimited tickets to the show, and recital venue rental.


Daddy/Daughter Performance: $99.00 per couple. The Dancers/Dads who participate in this will perform in both Shows.  This is an OPTIONAL routine! There is not a costume fee for this routine, all dancers will wear a dress and Dads wear a suit and tie.
An absolute “forever memory” opportunity! Dad and Daughter must commit to the practices.
                                                    Daddy Daughter Practice times.

Age 3-10 year olds plus Dad Practice
Saturday 12:45-1:35 Wild Basin

         March 9, 30th,   April 13th, May 4th


We look forward to this year’s performance and look forward to showcasing all our dancers have learned this session! This is such a fun time of year and we are so glad you will be joining us!