Where: Ballet Austin 501 West Third St. 78701

When: Saturday, December 14th


Show 1

Earliest Arrival 2:30

Show Starts 3:00

These classes will perform in Show 1    (2:30 pm December 14th)

Wednesday 4:30 Bella Mar
Wednesday 3:30 Bella Mar
Friday 9:15 AND 10am  Towne Square
Wednesday 3:30  Wild Basin
Thursday 4:30 Wild Basin
Tuesday 5pm  Wild Basin


Show 2

Earliest Arrival 4:30

Show Starts 5:00

These classes will perform in Show 2    (4:30 pm December 14th)

Tuesday 4pm Wild Basin
Thursday 5:30 Wild Basin
Thursday 5pm AND Monday 3:30 RPCC/ Wild Basin
Tuesday 10:15am AND  Thursday 4:30pm Towne Square/RPCC
Monday 4:30 Wild Basin



Each show is 1 hour max.

****Daddy/Daughters perform in Both Shows*****


See list below to see class tight color and how the class team should wear their hair if possible.   Classes listed below by teacher

T= Tights Color        H=Hair      Tights can be ordered online right here! Please choose “Recital Tights” from the class list





Wednesday 4:30 – Show 1- “Dance of the Reed Flutes”-     T-Pink  H- Bun


Wednesday 3:30 – Show 1- “Sugar Plum”        T-Pink   H- Bun


Friday 9:15 and 10am – Show 1 – “Toyland”   T-Pink  H-Bun


Thursday 4:30- Show 1- “Christmas Tree Rock”  T-Caramel H- Bun


Thursday 5:30 – Show 2 – “Jingle Bell rock”   T- Caramel H- Bun





Tuesday – 5pm – Show 1 “Mother Ginger” T-Pink H- Bun


Wednesday 3:30- Show 1- ” Mr. Grinch”  T-Carmel  H-Pony


Monday 4:30 – Show 2- “Deck the Rooftops”   T-Carmel  H-pony


Tuesday 4:00- Show 2 – “Rockin around the Christmas Tree”   T-Carmel  H-Pony


Tuesday – 10:15 – Show 2 – “Susie Snowflake”  T-Caramel H-Bun

Thursday- 4:30 Show 2 – “Susie Snowflake” T-Caramel H-Bun


Monday 3:30 – Show 2- “Snowflakes”   T-Pink  H- Bun

Thursday 5:o0 – Show 2 – “Snowflakes” T- Pink H- Bun




Recital Cost: $140.00 one child/ two children $210.00 due Oct.5th. – Dance performances are always optional. If you DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST EMAIL Tap N Toe. 
Recital cost includes: costume, unlimited tickets to the show, and recital venue rental.


Daddy/Daughter Performance: $99.00 per couple. The Dancers/Dads who participate in this will perform in both Shows.  This is an OPTIONAL routine! There is not a costume fee for this routine, all dancers will wear a dress and Dads wear a suit and tie.
An absolute “forever memory” opportunity! Dad and Daughter must commit to the practices.
                                                    Daddy Daughter Practice times.

Age 3-10 year olds plus Dad Practice
Saturday 12:30 Wild Basin


We look forward to this year’s performance and look forward to showcasing all our dancers have learned this session! This is such a fun time of year and we are so glad you will be joining us!

*No refunds for our recitals will be given out at any time once payment has been accepted*