Tiny Dancers… Big Moments!

May 12th, 2018 at Ballet Austin Theatre

501 West 3rd Street  |  Austin, Texas 78701

Dancers should arrive dressed in their costumes and hair. Makeup is optional!

There is unlimited seating and we want the dancers to have a huge crowd to support and cheer them on! Invite your families and friends to his fabulous event.

Show 1

11:00 AM: Earliest Arrival  |  11:30AM: Curtain  |  Show ends by 12:30PM

Tuesday: 3:30PM (WB) Tap/Ballet
Wednesday: 3:30PM (BM) Tap/Ballet
Wednesday: 4:30PM (BM) Tap/Ballet
Wednesday: 5:30PM (BM) Tap/Ballet
Wednesday: 3:30PM (WB) Hip Hop
Friday: 10:00AM (BW) Tap/Ballet

Show 2

1:00 PM: Earliest Arrival  |  1:30PM: Curtain  |  Show ends by 2:30PM

Tuesday: 10:00AM (TS) Tap/Ballet
Wednesday: 4:30PM (WB) Hip Hop
Wednesday: 5:30PM (WB) Jazz
Thursday: 4:45PM (RP) Tap/Ballet
Thursday: 5:45PM (RP) Hip Hop
Thursday: 5:30PM (WB) Hip Hop

Show 3

3:00 PM: Earliest Arrival  |  3:30PM: Curtain  |  Show ends by 4:30PM

Monday: 3:30PM (WB) Tap/Ballet
Monday: 4:30PM (WB) Hip Hop
Monday: 5:30PM (WB) Releve
Tuesday: 5:00PM (WB) Tap/Ballet
Thursday: 2:00PM (IVY) Tap/Ballet