Tap N Toe 16th Annual Recital



May 13th, 2017 @ Ballet Austin Theatre
501 West 3rd Street| Austin, Texas 78701

  • Dancers should arrive dressed in their costumes and hair. Makeup is optional!!
  • All guests must have a ticket to enter the theatre. DANCERS DO NOT NEED A TICKET!
  • Two Shows for your convenience and the comfort of our guest.
    Each student will perform in One Show.

Look for your dancers weekly practice time below to see what Show they will be performing in on Saturday, May 13th at Ballet Austin 501 West 3rd Street Austin, Texas 78701.

Show  1                                                                                                Show  2
2:00 Earliest Arrival/ 2:30 Curtain/ Show Ends by 3:30        Earliest Arrival 4:00/ 4:30 Curtain/ Show Ends 5:30                      

Monday 4:30 Hip Hop                                                                     Monday 5:30 Releve
Thursday 4:30 L2 River Place                                                        Tuesday 4:00 Tap
Wednesday 6:15 Ballet                                                                  
   Thursday 5:00/ Wed 5:30 Elite
Thursday 5:30 Hip Hop                                                                   Monday 3:30 L2 Ballet
Thursday 6:30 L3 River Place                                                        Tuesday 10:00 Beg. Tap
Wednesday 3:15 L2 Tap                                                                   Wednesday 3:30 Jazz
Wednesday 4:15 Beg Ballet                                                             Wednesday 4:30 Jazz
Wednesday 5:15 L3 Tap                                                                   Thursday 2:15 Beg. Ms. Katie

Saturday 9:30 Ms. Katie


What to wear: Class Time ________________________            

(Available to order online at:  www.discountdance.com  or  www.allaboutdance.com)


TIGHTS :    PINK       BLACK      CARMEL (Capezio Brand)


HAIR:         ANY        PONY      BUN         HALF UP, HALF DOWN



Tap N Toe Commitment Trophies

Presented at Spring Recital


We want to acknowledge the students that have shown a length of commitment and dedication to dance. Continuing work on an activity you enjoy, continue to improve and move closer to goals you would like to achieve by trying your best and giving 110%, to NEVER give up and believe in yourself are our number one motto.

Students that have participated in 3 years, 5 years,7 years, and 10 years of tap, ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, or a combination of those, will receive a” Tap N Toe Dance Commitment” trophy. Again, we want acknowledge the students that have shown a length of commitment and dedication to dance.  These years can be accumulated between and all studios attended. If your child qualifies for one of these very well deserved trophies, please let Jessica know as soon as possible.