Tap N Toe School of Dance

Tap~N~Toe Dance Classes

Celebrating our 15 Year Anniversary!

Giving 110%

Tutus and Tiaras

Ages 3-5 Levels I and II
Beginner dancers interested in exploring dance.

A very loving, super cute program that is encouraging and outgoing. While our focus is on coordination and balance as age appropriate steps are taught in an animated setting, we also promise to grow your daughters love for dance by offering a positive experience. Nurturing a happy, young, innocent heart is paramount to our teachers!! 

Pixie Dancers

Beginner dancers age 6 and up 
Dancers age 5 and up with 2 years ballet experience or more 
Students who love dance but prefer to take 1 class per week

Ballet Tap Jazz and Hip Hop offered. Dancers of all levels will be challenged in all classes as they grow through their entire dance education. Tap N Toe’s dance foundation is built on this program. Feel confident knowing it is a solid foundation that you can trust and constantly grow in. 


Age 7-17 
for more experienced dancers interested in adding more dance opportunities

Jammers required to take 50 min. Ballet class in dancers appropriate level plus 50 min. Jazz or Hip Hop class in appropriate skill level. Jammers are encouraged to attend Guest Teacher Dance Workshops and Q&A sessions that Tap N Toe will offer throughout the year. These are additional, encouraging opportunities that introduce and educate dancers eager to grow and learn. Tap N Toe will impress on students that hard work and determination is what it takes to get to the next level. 

Elite Dance Team

Age 10 and up 
"You have worked hard AND live for dance! Your hard work has paid off! Congratulations you made the team."

The Elite Dance Team is an audition only team. Experienced dancers take their skills to the next level in our advanced dance program. Dancers are encouraged to attend our Guest Teacher Dance Workshops and Q&A sessions offered throughout the year. Dancers will also get the opportunity to go to a Dance Convention one time per year. This program is specifically designed to nurture the diehard dancer interested in challenging opportunities and being part of a team. 

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