2020-2021  Class  Schedule~ Classes start August 5th – May 31st
(classes are listed below by location)


***Students must be the minimum age for their class at time of enrollment
***All dance classes are drop off classes. 


Wild Basin Fitness/ Steiner Ranch            4308 N Quinlan Park Austin, Tx 78732


3:30-4:20 Twinkle Star Tap/Ballet  ages 6-7

4:30-5:20 Show STARS Hip Hop  ages 5.5-6


4:00-4:50 Twinkle Stars Tap/Ballet ages 4.5-5.5

5:00-5:50 Show STARS Ballet ages 10 and up


3:30-4:20 ShowSTARS Hip Hop ages 7-10

4:30-5:20 Boys Hip Hop ages 7-10

5:30-6:20 Show STARS Jazz  ages 7-10


3:30-4:20 Twinkle Stars Tap/Ballet ages 3-4

4:30-5:20 Twinkle Stars Tap/Ballet ages 4.5-5.5

5:30-6:00 Twinkle Babies  Tap/Ballet ages 2.5-3.5


Towne Square/ Steiner Ranch       12550  Country Trails Ln. Austin, Tx  78732


10:15-10:45 Twinkle Babies Tap/Ballet ages 2.5-3.5


9:15-9:45 Twinkle Babies Tap/Ballet age 2.5-3.5

10:00-10:50 Twinkle Star Tap/Ballet age 3.5-4.5


Bella Mar/ Steiner Ranch                                           Bella Mar Trail Austin, Tx 78732


3:30-4:20 Twinkle Star Tap/Ballet ages 4.5-5.5

4:30-5:20 Twinkle Stars Tap/Ballet 5.5-6


River Place Country Club                        4207 River Place Blvd. Austin, Tx 78730


4:30-5:00 Twinkle Babies tap/ballet age 2.5-3.5

5:00-5:50 Twinkle Star tap/ballet age 4.5-6


 Tap N Toe wants to set the Dancers up for Success! This is a drop off program. Parents do not sit in on the class. This is too distracting to the students. Parents are welcome to watch from outside the room or run errands. Students are more focused and confident after several classes and excited to show their parents what they have already accomplished after a few weeks……..we are super excited to show off the dancers improvements too. 

Our Twinkle Babies, and Twinkle Star program is ADORABLE! This is a drop off program starting at age 2.5. “Twinkle Bear“ is a Teddy Bear that accompanies the dancers to dance class.  This sweet bear is the perfect companion on the first day of classes for our Twinkle Babies and Twinkle Stars. Twinkle Bear continues to be a perfect friend to join class up to age 6.

Students may also choose to purchase a Twinkle Bears with matching outfit. But it is not necessary! Purchasing a Twinkle Bear is optional and can be done from our Merchandise Tab. 

ShowSTARS“  are Tap N Toe Dancers that are age 7-13. These classes are 50 minute classes that focus on one discipline. These classes are challenging for our dancers in a very, very motivating and outgoing environment!!! Older children ages 7-13 LOVE these classes because of the high dance energy and large amount of dance skills they will gain.


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