When Is Registration

Registration is underway now.  Click Here to Register Today!

Registration takes place in July of each year for Fall Registration. Classes begin in September.

Registration for Spring Session starts in November for current students. Returning students are given first priority with the entire first day of registration exclusively for them.

Do I Need to Let the Studio Know If My Child Will Be Absent?

Yes, please!! We would appreciate a quick email, text, or phone call. 512-785-3666

Where Can I Get Tap, Ballet and/or Jazz Shoes?

Payless is a great place to get tap, ballet or jazz shoes. Since childrens feet grow so quickly, I feel this is the best way to go.

You can also order them inexpensively online at



What Do Students Where to Tap or Ballet Class?

Any color tights and leotard. Ballet skirts are optional. Sometimes they are attached to the leotard.

Any color tap and ballet shoes, brought to class weekly.

Hair pulled back and out of face.

What Do Students Wear to Hip Hop Class?

Hip Hop students should come dressed in comfortable shorts, jazz pants, yoga pants, athletic shorts. Comfortable top.


All students must also wear hair pulled back out of face.

Jazz shoes, tennis shoes, Foot undies. All are acceptable. Jazz shoes are not necessary for this class.

What Do Students Wear to Jazz Class?

Any color leotard, jazz pants, or jazz shorts. Jazz shoes. Hair pulled back in pony tail, or out of face if dancer has short hair.

Does my daughter have to perform in the recitals?

No. Recitals and all performances are always optional. Not all students want to perform or stand in front of a large group of people, We would love to have children join us for dance class and not feel pressured to perform.

How do I sign up for dance classes?

Call Ms. Jessica at 512-785-3666, or clink this link now.

When and Where is the Spring Recital?

At the end of the Spring session at The Ballet Austin Theater.