When Is Registration

Registration is underway now.  Click Here to Register Today!

Registration takes place year round for all new students. Our dance season is 10 months long so there is no need to reenroll if you are starting in Aug.

Our  2020-2021 season starts August 17th-May 31st.

Do I Need to Let the Studio Know If My Child Will Be Absent?

Yes, please!! We would appreciate a quick email, text, or phone call. 512-435-7490

Where Can I Get Tap, Ballet and/or Jazz Shoes?

You can purchase everything you need directly from our Dancewear Tab. 

What Do Students Wear to Tap or Ballet Class?

Class Attire:
  • Twinkle Babies- ages 2.5-3.5- Pink Sparkle Dress, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes, Black Tap Shoes- Twinkle Bear and Dress optional
  • Twinkle Stars- ages 3.5-4.5- Pink Sparkle Dress, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes, Black Tap Shoes-  Twinkle Bear and Dress optional
  • Twinkle Stars ages 4.5-6- Light Blue leotard, Pink ballet skirt, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes, Black tap shoes -Twinkle Bear and Dress optional
  • Show Stars ages 6-8  Black Leotard, Tan Tights, Black Ballet Skirt, Black Tap Shoes
  • Show Stars Ballet ages 7-10- Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink or Black Skirt, Pink Ballet Shoes (Hair MUST be in a bun) 
  • Show Stars Contemporary ages 9-10- Black Leotard, Black Shorts, Tan tights, and Tan Jazz Shoes (Hair – Ponytail or bun)
  • Boys- Comfortable athletic clothing- White Shirt, Black Shorts

See your Class’ Shopping List and buy directly online at WWW.SHOPNIMBLY.COM/TAPNTOE

What Do Students Wear to Hip Hop Class?

  • Hip Hop Twinkle Stars age 6-10- Black Leotard, Pink Dance Shorts, Tan tights, Tan Jazz shoes

All students must also wear hair pulled back out of face.



Does my daughter/son have to perform in the recitals?

We highly encourage our dancers to perform in BOTH recitals.  In doing so, they will develop stage presence and self confidence. Recitals and all performances are always optional. We would love to see your children on stage with us!

How do I sign up for dance classes?

Call Ms. Katrina at 512-435-7490, or clink this link now.

When and Where is the Spring Recital?

We have a Winter and Spring recital. Usually during the middle of December and the end of the Spring session,  at The Ballet Austin Theater.

Are multiple classes per week preferred?

Yes, we highly encourage taking classes twice a week. In doing so, your children will develop the skills they need to succeed in our program. If you child is 7 and up, having them try multiple styles is extremely beneficial. If they are under the age of 7, coming to 2 combo classes per week will build confidence, and their technique will grow faster. Taking multiple classes will also build trust with our instructors that are dedicated to being leaders and mentors for your child.  Set your child up for success, and show them that working hard at a skill will make you a team leader in life.

Call Ms. Katrina at 512-435-7490, or clink this link now.