DIRECTOR- Jessica Free

I absolutely love to dance. I often jokingly tell the students that, “Nobody loves dance more than me!”

What I love about dance, more than the recitals and performances, are the actual dance practices with the students. I am grateful every day that I get the opportunity to surround myself with others that enjoy dance and learning what I have to teach next. Dance classes always give me a positive and truly happy feeling because they are always filled with new accomplishments by different students in the class, at different times. No matter what, dance class with tiny dancers smiling back at you can never be a bad day. I am very grateful to be living out my dreams of owning and Directing my own dance program. Tap N Toe School of Dance in Austin has been teaching children since 2001. It is a blessing and honor to have students return to our dance studio to dance with us for years and years.

For me, a great dance school should provide fun, confidence, hard work, and sportsmanship; while improving the dancers skills by having a well-planned curriculum. There is so much to learn by participating in Tap N Toe’s Dance Program. Not only will dancers improve their balance, strength, flexibility, and showmanship but they will also have a safe place to improve their social skills, make new friends, practice positive sportsmanship, and learn to work together as a team. Tap n Toe covers all these aspects in every class, all while having your child feel she can achieve anything.


Lisa assists in teaching the Releve class for students with special needs. She is a pediatric physical therapist and the mother of one of Releve’s charter members. She provides the students additional hands-on instruction and assistance as well as offering modifications to dance steps and activities when needed so that all students can participate to their fullest potential. Lisa is a co-owner of Abby’s Kids Therapy, a family-centered home health care company offering therapy services to children in their natural environment. Abby’s Kids Therapy is the proud sponsor of the Releve Team.